Out of the Darkness Walk - 2021 HUNTINGDON COUNTY

12 NOON Sunday, October 3rd at Detwiler Field

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You can be an everyday hero in the fight against suicide.

Partner with us as a WALK sponsor for the 2021 ‘Juniata Valley’ (Huntingdon County and Mifflin & Juniata County)   Out of the Darkness Walk, Sunday, October 3, 2021.

Why support the ‘Juniata Valley’ Out of the Darkness Walk?

Our volunteers and behavioral health professionals remain steadfast no matter how challenging our world may be today.  We remain committed in listening, supporting dialogue and creating mental health awareness that drives inclusion and meaningful, sustained action to support suicide prevention.  You as local business networks and civil organizations continue to serve as important forums to further encourage these community walks.  Our collective efforts must be a force of change to shatter the silence.

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Mental health matters! Please know that you are never alone in your battle with depression. I am participating in this walk not only as an indirect service provider, but also as someone who can deeply empathize with others due to my own personal and familial struggles with mental illness. Joining this field has filled me with hope as I am surrounded by countless selfless individuals who are dedicated to supporting those in need as well as ending the mental health stigma. Please take this day to care for yourselves and as a reminder that you are loved, wanted, and needed. YOU matter!

- Angela Wilkins

Keep fighting, and one day you will tell your story of how you overcame your obstacles to someone who needs to hear it as much as you. You are never alone in this world, you are loved, and you matter.

- Sarah Lang

Sending good vibes out to our community!

- Angela Wilkins

You are loved and never alone!

- Linda Miller

You are loved, valued and wanted. You are never alone. Please stay.

- Jennifer Neumann

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